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Thanks for your interest in supporting the development of innovative, psychometrically valid, and reliable assessments. At Healthy Growing Leaders we are committed to helping leaders pursue health and make a greater impact by living out their A-game. The site is built to make it easy for you to join us during the three primary testing stages we refer to as Validity, Reliability, and Normalization.

  1. Validity. This stage is where we ask subject matter experts review of various scales for validity. This stage is very early in the instrument development process, therefore, there is no report. We require 20 to 30 responses to have enough data for the next stage.
  2. Reliability. This stage is where you can join the testing team to help refine survey items for reliability. There is no report for this stage. Note: the wording on items may be similar and look redundant. Our goal at this point is to find the best item for each scale. We require 250 to 300 responses to have enough data for the next stage.
  3. Normalization. Here we are looking for normalizing the assessment instrument. At this point, the survey instrument is both valid and reliable from a psychometric perspective. As part of the final assessment, we provide a criterion-based report while gathering data that will enable us to normalize the test results. For normalization, we require a representative sample of the target population. Generally speaking, about 1500 responses are required, but it depends on the demographic composition.

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